A home is one of the largest investments a person makes in their lifetime. And the time spent finding the “perfect home” is usually substantial and requires a lot of research and planning. While the home-buying process is long and arduous, one of the first decisions to make is whether to shop for a previously owned home or build a new one. Each path has its advantages and disadvantages, but it all depends on what you’re looking for.

Buying A Home

At first glance, the main advantages of buying a previously owned home are convenience and cost. Buying a previously owned home tends to be cheaper than buying a new home upfront. Also, given today’s technological trends finding a home for sale is easier than ever. You can take immersive tours of listed houses from the comfort of your home computer. A qualified real estate agent can even make this process faster for you by streamlining paperwork and guiding you through negotiations. This option might be more compelling for someone that is on a tight schedule or someone who is relocating for a new job. 

In many cases, it’s cheaper upfront to buy an existing home than it is to build a home—but that’s just upfront costs. When buying a previously owned home, there can be a lot of unforeseen factors that might end up costing a pretty penny. These might include but are not limited to, remodeling, foundation problems, electrical issues, structural problems, and issues related to age. Dealing with these issues comes out around the amount you would spend on a new home. If given the chance, why not build your own new dream home? Luckily, Côté Gelée offers brand new homes for our neighbors who are on a tight schedule.

Why Should I Build A Custom Home?

While building your own custom home doesn’t offer the same level of convenience—you’re allowed a free range for customization. After all, why search for your dream home when you can build it? Not only that, but a big advantage of building your own home is being able to have autonomy over what materials are used. When buying a house, it’s seldom you would get to see what materials your house was built from. If a house was built with sub-par materials, this could end up costing you more down the road. You also get the benefit of knowing there are no contaminants that are common in older homes such as asbestos, lead paint, or mold. 

Don’t forget about your utility systems, such as access to water and sewage and electrical lines. By joining an ongoing development like Côté Gelée you don’t have to worry about wondering if your plot of land will be able to have utilities hooked up. When joining a development, the plot of land you choose already has everything sorted out.

Even though the upfront cost might be a little more, the return on investment when it comes time to sell will be substantially higher. A newer home is more appealing to customers looking—especially if there was just one previous owner. In addition, a newer home will require far fewer repairs and maintenance costs will be negligible. Building your own custom home often leads to levels of satisfaction that money can’t buy.

Build Custom Homes in Lafayette, LA with Côté Gelée!

Ville de Côté Gelée is a 34-acre mixed-use development being developed by Community Realty Partners, LLC in Broussard, LA. Currently, there are 60 plots for single-family homes. If you’re interested in building your own custom home in Lafayette, LA, we have crews standing by to help build the home of your dreams. Contact us by phone at 337-857-5016 or fill out a form on our website today! Home can be one call away with Côté Gelée.