Hunting for the perfect home can often feel like you’re navigating through a scary concrete jungle. Fortunately, Ville de Côté Gelée has a thrilling opportunity for all the house hunters in Louisiana! Within our charming community of new homes for sale in Broussard, LA you’ll find friendly neighbors and dazzling lakes. We currently have several homes ready for new families and homes in various stages of construction, too. See how you could live luxuriously with Côté Gelée. 


Thanks to our modern technology, house hunting has evolved into a fast-paced pursuit. In this day and age, homes stay on the market for an average of only 68 days. But back in the day, house hunting was a completely different journey. Without the internet, homebuyers relied on their real estate agents to figure out exactly what houses they would like. Today the buyers are well-informed hunters while the agents serve as market experts, home advisors, and contract negotiators. 

In fact, 50% of buyers today found their new homes on the internet, while 28% found them with a real estate agent. In the ‘80s, the agents held the key to all the knowledge about houses on the market in their binders. Today, you get to hop on your phone to research a variety of homes to your liking all within five minutes. Searching for the perfect home is quicker and less hassle thanks to house hunting websites and apps. You even have the ability to look “inside” the house in some listings. You can see virtual furniture in an otherwise empty room without stepping foot on the property. As a home buyer in 2020, you have more knowledge than ever to help you in your search. Familiarize yourself with the market’s economic and design trends and become a great team with your agent.

While sites offer a well of info, they may not have the most reliable information available. That’s where real estate agents are still valuable to buyers today. Agents have access to accurate listings from multiple listing service databases. They arrange showings with sellers so you can tour many homes and identify what characteristics appeal to you. Above all, your real estate agent is your negotiator. A good agent can help you find what you really deserve.


We can all agree the housing market has been through lots of changes over the past few decades. But with a hopeful economic future, homebuying has become more accessible again. Even now the demand for new homes is growing as millennials are ready to buy homes and Gen Xers are ready to make changes. Luckily, the lending process has changed as well. Our financial partners are required to create greater transparency for us when signing mortgages, part of the “Know Before You Owe.”

Naturally, market statistics have changed since the market crash and rebirth. Most millennial Americans still want to have a house of their own, but the majority of them are waiting a couple of years longer than their parents. In 2010, the median age of homeowners was 39, with first-time buyers at 30. In 2019 the median age of homeowners was 47, with first-time buyers at 33. Before the turn of the century, the majority of home buyers were married couples. Now single women, single men, and unmarried couples are purchasing houses. Quite a change, right?


The home buying process is important to us because we want the very best for our neighborhood. So along with other house hunting sites, you can also find important information on our website. You’ll find detailed information about our home plans, the builders we trust, and our community history


Why continue to stress over house hunting? Ville de Côté Gelée has fantastic new homes for sale in Broussard, LA for our house hunters who are ready to take their shot. To find out more about these houses give us a call at 337-427-7946 or send a message. From our seller’s agent to our home builders, we hope that you’ll find our community authentic and welcoming.