At the dawn of the new decade, a new homestead is calling your name! A new house is a huge investment, so you need to know when it’s the right one. With our brand-new homes for sale in Broussard, LA, you have a lot to consider. Find the best advice from Ville de Côté Gelée when you start looking for a new home in the new year.


Of course, there are pros of buying an older home, but ultimately you can’t go wrong with buying a brand-new home. These days, older homes are nearly as expensive as new homes, yet can come with more problems.

  • Less maintenance: You are far less likely to spend time and money on keeping up a newly built house. For reference, a new roof costs an average of $7,211, a new water heater about $1,000, and that oh-so-important air conditioner costs about $4,500 on average.
  • Modern Conveniences: New kitchen appliances, garages, alarm systems, and more. These details come together to form the larger picture of your new home, and newly built houses come standard with these benefits.
  • Energy Efficient: Not only can you reduce your carbon footprint, but you can save a bit of money on monthly utilities in a new house. New appliances use less energy. Walls, ceilings, and floors are much better insulated. And new windows help retain the desired temperature in your home.


Houses in our neighborhood are built from a variety of architectural styles including French, Farmhouse, Island, and more. Immerse yourself in our expertly designed homes, beautiful features, and a multi-use commercial center on the horizon. You’ll find that Côté Gelée has the best of available new homes for sale in Broussard, LA. 

  • Water Features: Our neighborhood features two ponds. And let’s face it, there’s nothing better than living on the water. Neighborhood ponds and fountains create a peaceful and meditative atmosphere. They can increase prosocial behavior, alertness, mental energy, and even better sleep. Plus, you can casually fish whenever you wish.
  • Room For Everyone: Each of our homes has a great backyard, convenient for your larger dog’s pleasure. And the community has a great walking trail around the lake for their exercise, too.
  • Family Friendly: Côté Gelée has a fantastic collection of homes for sale in Broussard, LA for new and growing families. You’ve heard the saying “It takes a village to raise a kid.” That’s because your community plays a huge role in the development of growing children. Our community garners interaction with neighboring families. Children have the opportunity to grow up in a place where they can play, learn, and socialize with others. 


Deciding on the perfect new home is a mix of careful evaluation of natural instincts. While your list of must-haves takes care of the logical decision-making, understanding your instincts can be trickier. Be sure to pay attention to the signals when they show themselves.

  • It Fits Your Lifestyle: When you tour the home, it’s all too easy to envision your furniture, favorite knick-knacks, and meaningful photos. The home fits in with your desired lifestyle. You can already see the spot where the Christmas tree goes. 
  • Other Homes Have No Appeal: The right house becomes the basis upon which you judge all other homes. You no longer become excited to go on other home tours. 
  • Already Planning To Go Back: In fact, the moment you left that home you’re already planning the next trip there. 


If you’re ready to start making your history, what are you waiting for? Contact our real estate agent, Angela Guidry, to start your journey of finding homes for sale in Broussard, LA! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and stay up-to-date with all Ville de Côté Gelée news.