In this age of expression, architecture and interior design trends are evolving into an “anything goes” era. At Ville de Côté Gelée in Broussard, we couldn’t be more excited about the possibilities. Our exceptional supply of custom homes for sale is perfect for turning your wildest design dreams into reality!


The best thing about building a home from the bottom up is the freedom to customize things you couldn’t otherwise. Walls, windows, ceilings, and more become your choice! You have the power to not only optimize functionality, but also blend in your personality. 

  • Walls: Where you normally have blank walls consider embedding a showcase shelf.
  • Windows: We have a natural desire to immerse ourselves in nature. Unfortunately, that’s not always practical. But you can set up your home for large amounts of indoor plants with large windows and natural light.
  • Ceilings: Take your customization up a level by even designing your ceilings. Paneled and beamed vaulted ceilings or tray ceilings add dimension and comfort to your living space. 
  • Cabinets: Lately we’re seeing a different trend in bathroom storage. Many homeowners are opting out of cabinet vanities, using furniture instead. This design trend makes the bathroom feel more open and airy by creating space between the floor and furniture.


Architectural elements are a part of your home design forever. Yet, your interior design elements may have a shorter lifespan, say a decade or so. And as design trends come and go, it’s important to focus on quality and adaptability for these decisions. For example, rather than investing in the most unique couch, purchase a versatile couch. You can manipulate the surrounding environment to last through the fads and still express your tastes. After all, the surrounding design elements are where you can have the most fun!

  • Wallpaper: Yes, wallpaper is back and it’s better than ever! Interior designers today use wallpaper for accenting walls the way you would do with art.
  • Tiling: Tile rugs, patterns, mosaics, and more—there is truly an endless array of possibilities for floor tiling
  • Lighting: You can use portable lighting in your home to add accents of comfort and character, without hardwiring to your home. What’s better than brightening up a room and making a bold statement at the same time?


Lots of benefits come with the custom homes for sale at Côté Gelée. First, we take care of all utility systems, such as sewage or electricity, leaving stress out of the picture! Second, your involvement matters to our builders. Whether you choose Manuel Builders or Summit Construction, you have access to all the details and materials options. After all, the most important thing is to have a sturdy and durable home for your family. 

Speaking of our builders, they are among the best home construction teams in Louisiana. 

  • Manuel Builders is a well-established presence in Broussard, LA, developing communities for more than 55 years in the area. They have built their reputation on understanding your needs as a client. 
  • Summit Construction is based in South Louisiana and owned by Brady Mills. For more than 16 years, Brady has personally managed every project to build the best residential communities. 

You’ll find that both of these residential contractors use expert craftsmanship in every dream house. While picking between the two may be a difficult decision, you can take a deep breath and know that you can’t go wrong either way.


Come see for yourself why the Côté Gelée community of custom homes for sale is the right community for you. Our partners are excited to get started building the family home of your dreams! You can call us today at (337) 837-1242 or send us an email to take your first step today.