Water is everywhere in Louisiana. So much so, in fact, that you may have heard a joke or two about Louisianians having gills! But like any other state, we need to make sure our homes are well-maintained so they stay in great shape for years to come. Keeping water from your home ensures your house and its foundation last much longer. Get quality maintenance tips from our growing real estate community in Broussard.


Your foundation is one of the most important things in your home. It keeps everything in one place and—most importantly—keeps you from sinking into the ground. Such an important bedrock needs to be taken care of diligently so it lasts as long as possible.

In Louisiana, the soil is nearly constantly bombarded by water. The thing is, soil and water don’t mix super well. We want to avoid puddles at all costs and instead keep things constantly flowing. When water sits on your soil, it seeps faster than the rest of your yard and can make things shift. This is especially bad if the standing water is right against your new home. This uneven shifting ground can lead to cracks and water damage in your brand-new foundation! You need to maintain your property to ensure your foundation lasts as long as possible.


A new home is a big investment! However, buying a home and keeping it up are two separate things. But where do you start? Well… 

  • Make sure your gutters are clean. Remember how your dad would always make sure the gutters were clean right before a big storm? Well, if a storm hits and these gutters are full of debris, any water will go right over the edge instead of through the drainage system. This fallen water collects into puddles next to your home and can potentially hurt your foundation. 
  • Ensure there are no standing puddles on your property. There are a few reasons to check for these regularly. Standing water can sink into the ground and affect the soil. Not only that, but this standing water makes for perfect breeding grounds for small critters. Keep them away from your home by making sure there are no puddles accumulating on your property.
  • Keep an eye on your foundation. Overall, the biggest thing you can do is keep an eye on the foundation on which your home is built. If you see any cracks, there’s an underlying issue.

We want your home to last you a lifetime! But if you follow these tips, your home should last much longer. Keep up with Ville de Côté Gelée to continue getting great tips from our real estate community in Broussard.


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