Nearly every family has a furry (or feathered or scaly) member. That being said, when you move into a new home, it’s their home too right? Therefore, they also deserve to have a comfortable transition during the moving process. But if you haven’t moved with a pet before or it’s been a while, it’s easy to be unsure where to start. Make your plan with tips from the professionals at Côté Gelée. If you’re looking for your next perfect home check out our homes for sale in Broussard, LA.


Unfortunately, having pets around while you’re coming in and out of your home can be a real hassle—and can put them in danger. Instead of tripping over your pet or risking them running into the street, there are alternatives at your fingertips. 

The first suggestion is to place your pet in a crate with a blanket over it to help them relax. Outside movement and sound happening all around them might stress them out. But if you think this may not be enough, they may need to be relocated somewhere else while you move. Try finding a friend who would be happy to take them in for a few days, or look into boarding them with a vet in the meantime. That way, when all is said and done, you can welcome your pet to a brand-new home.


Before your pet steps foot inside, however, you’ll want to make sure they have their essentials ready. For dogs and cats, a place to sleep is a must. Find a spot for them that’s entirely theirs. Next would be food and water. Many people like to place these bowls in a laundry room or next to the back door for easy access. For other kinds of pets such as birds or lizards, everything they need is a bit more contained. Make sure the location you’re placing their cage or tank is easy to reach, in sight, and is already made up for them. 


Pets need constant, new stimuli. That, and we just like them to have fun. But first things first: a new vet. Not only do you need to look to see what’s in the area, but also what the ratings say. No matter how nice a business may look, the word of your new neighbors carries a lot of weight. Both Evangeline Veterinary Clinic and Parkway Animal Hospital are close by and have many outstanding reviews. Which one is your favorite? 

Additionally, why don’t you take a look at what parks are in the area? Put your buddy on a leash and bring them out to see the new sights and sounds! There are nearby parks like Southside Regional Park. Additionally, we have own scenic lake right here in the neighborhood. So grab a leash and take them out for a nice walk! Although, you may want to keep your fish at home.


Are you ready for your new home? Take a look at our available homes and lots to see if there’s a spot perfect for you! If you have any questions for us about our homes for sale in Broussard, LA, please give us a call at 337-427-7946, send an email to, or send a message online. We’re ready to help you create your dream home—for you AND your pet.