Every spring, we’re reminded that we can always do better to keep our homes clean. After all, when you live in a beautiful real estate community in Broussard—like Ville de Côté Gelée—you’ll want to keep your place equally beautiful. Keeping your home clean from day one is important for your family’s mental and physical health, too. Unfortunately, time passes fast and before we know it, the dust bunnies are as big as our dogs!

There’s good news! You can make spring-cleaning easier for you this year—and every year forward—with advice from your real estate community in Broussard. We’ll start by breaking the project into days, and assign a major goal for each day.


If you start cleaning without preparing, you might not have all the cleaning and organizing supplies you need. You should avoid this as much as possible. Spend a day brainstorming what items you’ll need and go shopping. Think about the materials you need for storage, organization, and then the actual cleaning. You will need different materials for your bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms, and outside area. Make a cleaning caddy for each one. When you finish with spring-cleaning, you can store it for future cleaning days.


If you don’t regularly purge your home of old things, the clutter will only pile up and make cleaning much more difficult. Efficiently tackle the clutter problem by going room by room. Have keep, store, recycle, and trash boxes in the room as you work. Before you move onto the next step, put the items in the store, recycle, and trash boxes in their new homes. Your most important box is the keep box. You should have a keep box for each room and then put it away during the last step.

Don’t be afraid of throwing out unused or rarely used items. It can feel a bit wasteful, but if you’re letting things pile up, you’re not doing yourself any favors. Research even shows that unorganized piles may cause you to feel less satisfied with your life. Another alternative to throwing out unused items is donating them to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. 


Since you already decluttered, you can see all the dust and grime left behind. Using your cleaning caddies, rid each room of all those allergens and give your respiratory system a break. Speaking of, you may want a disposable face mask because all that dust is going to go everywhere!


Well-organized and restful spaces are one less thing to add stress to your day. With all the old useless things out of the way and every area is sparkly clean, you’re free to organize. Kitchens, bathrooms, and closets seem to get the messiest. After you have all your organization supplies out and ready, the contents of the keep boxes are ready to go back up! 

Disorganized clutter can wreak havoc on your home. Messes cause your mind to lose focus and increase your stress levels. Do your best during this phase to set yourself up for success over the upcoming year.

PRO TIP: Don’t store anything on the floor—raise as much as you can. Shoe racks and baskets are your best friends. 


Of course, no amount of spring-cleaning can help if you need a new home. We have available lots and homes now. Call us today at (337) 427-7946 or email us to find out more about our process. Ville de Côté Gelée could be the perfect, fresh start for your family’s history!